LED Colorwave

ColorWave™ is a patented technology using L.E.D.s to create a mesmerizing lighting effect. Each individual lamp is designed to fade gradually through the intermediary colors as it changes from one color to the next. As well as producing a magical lighting effect, ColorWave™ provides all the benefits inherent to L.E.D. technology. ColorWave™ can be used for indoor and outdoor applications while creating an eye-catching appeal of shifting colors, which will certainly enhance any project.


Style: M5
Description: The M5 lens style is in the shape of a traditional mini light bulb. Traditionally used to decorate trees and other foliage (either in the limbs or as a trunk wrap), this versatile light style combines the benefits of LEDs with one of the most popular bulb sizes.
Bulb Size: 1″H x ⅛”W
Options: 35 light sets (12.3 ft. long)

m5-BL-GD m5-BL-GR m5-BL-PW m5-RD-BL m5-RD-GR


Style: C6
Description: The smallest of the “strawberry” shaped lens styles, the C6 is a versatile bulb shape, suitable for decorating both greenery and some building applications.  The lens is approximately 1 ⅛” tall by ¾” wide and is typically used in applications requiring more “pop” than provided by the smaller lens styles.
Bulb Size: 1 ⅛”H x ¾”W
Options: 35 light sets (12 ft. long)

c6-BL-GD c6-BL-GR c6-RD-BL c6-RD-GR