Commercial String LED C9

Style: C9
Description: The largest of the holiday lighting bulb styles and also used as a year-round decorative bulb, the C9 is “strawberry” shaped and approximately 2 ½” long and 1 ¼” wide. Primarily used for building outlines, rooflines, and large trees, the C9 enables everything from an eye-catching holiday display to strategically placed decorative lighting ambiance. Look to this style throughout the year for a wide variety of lighting projects.
Bulb Size: 2 ½”H x 1 ¼”W
Light Strand Specifications: 25 light set, 12″ spacing, 25′ long

Adapter/plug required and sold separately.

c9-blue c9-gold c9-green c9-multi c9-orange c9-pure-white c9-red c9-warm-white