Kimball Lighting

Terry Kimball has a background in the ski and travel industries. She worked for Colorado Ski Country for 12 years and in 2004 was introduced to the LED holiday lights. Seeing the potential in these energy-efficient lights, she started Kimball Lighting in 2006 and has built an extensive client list in Colorado. Kimball Lighting works with municipalities, resorts, hotels, shopping centers and also sells direct to the public. Kimball Lighting offers installation services as well. Let us help you to brighten your holidays, parties and special events!

Why LED?

Cost Savings

LEDs use only 2-10% of the energy of incandescent lights.

You will also save on maintenance and replacement costs.


LED lights do not get hot! They are fireproof, shatterproof, UL approved.


LED lights burn up to 100,000 hours.


The Commercial and Standard Grade LED String Lights have a 1-year warranty.